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Praise for Strawberries In Wintertime

“Woody Woodburn doesn’t just deliver pose and poetry, but vitamins for your heart.

— Jon Gold, Arizona Daily Star

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Get your own WOODEN & ME signed copy!

Wooden&Me_cover_PRFor a Personalized Autographed copy, mail a check for $25 to:

Woody Woodburn, 400 Roosevelt Court, Ventura, CA 93003


“Make Friendship A Fine Art” Special — TWO signed books for only $45!

Mail check to: Woody Woodburn, 400 Roosevelt Court, Ventura, CA 93003


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Praise for Wooden & Me

Wooden & Me is an inspiring combination of Tuesdays With Morrie and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Randy Robertson, author and journalist


“Woody Woodburn's new book is a MUST READ on one of the greatest coaches ever and this incredible friendship the last 23 years of John Wooden's life. It is full of inspiring stories and quotes. They don't know it yet, but I liked it so much that I purchased copies for each of my five adult children!”

Dick Gould, coach of 17 NCAA tennis championships


“Far beyond being a great basketball coach, John Wooden’s legacy is that he was a great life coach. Woody Woodburn was fortunate enough to have extensive contact with Coach Wooden and he shares that wisdom that Wooden shared with him in a new text Wooden & Me: Life Lessons from My Two-Decade Friendship with the Legendary Coach and Humanitarian to Help ‘Make Each Day Your Masterpiece.’

– Tavis Smiley, television and radio talk-show host


“John Robert Wooden was teacher, mentor and friend to many, but few have gotten to the heart of Wooden (and, with Wooden, it’s the heart that matters) like Woody Woodburn. The value of friendship, honesty, integrity and hard work, these are things that always merit reminding. Woodburn turns the lessons he learned from Wooden into lessons we can all use.”

Ken McAlpine, novelist and winner of three Lowell Thomas Awards

"Woody Woodburn brings to life the magic that was John Wooden. Wooden & Me captures the imagination and ignites the soul like only the wisdom of the Wizard of Westwood can.”

Jonathan Gold, sports journalist and radio host of The Bruin Report


For more reviews and interviews with Woody about Coach, go to the WOODEN & ME Media page:


Hello and  welcome! Thanks for visiting my new website which promises to be a work in progress so I do hope you will come back now and again to read new columns, essays and flash book reviews -- as well as updates on my new memoir Wooden & Me.

Make each day your masterpiece,






25 thoughts on “Home

  1. Woody:

    This is really a classy website — clean, visually pleasing and, ah, the words. And now I can find your columns easily each week, and I am sure you will post them. Plus, I’ve always loved the Underwood. Your admirer (and friend), Ken

  2. Coming from the classiest writer I know (wait, that might be the most backhanded of all backhanded compliments ever)… the classiest guy I know, that is a true compliment. Gotta throw the credit to my tech guru Greg who picked out the template and then taught me (OK, mostly did it all for me though some of the simple stuff stuck so I can update). Remind me to show you the Underwood — it’s a beauty that I once spent a full year meticulously taking apart and cleaning rust off of and defied all odds by putting it back together. It’s upstairs on a bookshelf next to some of my fav books — like Islands Apart and Fog (BTW, take a good look at the books picture on my Book Review page)! In friendship back at you

  3. Thanks, Dave. It is just a template that Greg (my unpaid tech wiz) helped me pick out and then taught me to use (basically, he did it all and hopefully I learned enough to update it now). Do you do all your own web stuff yourself? Hi to Shirley and the boys and we have to cross paths at a wine fest or beer tasting in 2013!

  4. Stepping into the Underwood slowly… What a comfortable vision that keyboard is. It’s like a wardrobe – there is a world on the other side. I’m looking for fur coats and expecting to find them.

  5. Thanks so much for checking this new project out, Steph. I hope you take your time and rummage around and find some things to your liking.

  6. Thanks so much, Sheila! I just know you will love WOODEN & ME! And so will your students!

  7. Hi Mr. Woodburn,

    I had sent you a message on the linked in site asking to be a professional connnection. Thank you for adding. I also mentioned that I would like to invite you to come and speak to my Child Family and Community in Fall 2013 at Ventura College. It will be on Wednesdays from 4 pm until 6:45 p.m. on VC site.

    Yesterday, I read the article about your book about John Wooden. I would like to purchase it and review it for my Ventura College class and see if it is a good match with my textbook that I use for Child Family and Community. This class covers great topics such as advocacy, mentorship, family issues, etc.

    Please let me know how to go about purchasing it and could I ask you a favor?–could you please autograph it. John Wooden was such a great leader (even if I am a die hard USC fan)!!!
    Thank you,

    Noreen Berrington
    (805) 535-5179

  8. Hi Woody. There is a guy in my graduating class of 1973 @ Rolling Hills High School named Steve Woodburn who looks a lot like you. He is tall, thin, and had red hair. Are you him?

  9. Hi Mike! Nope, not me — 1978 Buena High School. No relation either… Speaking of Woodburns, the only good thing in the new Man of Steel movie was one of the characters being named (Glen) Woodburn :)
    Have a great day,

  10. Hi Mr. Woodburn
    Thanks for the great book! I feel honored, and grateful. Wow you are an amazing writer, runner, and a kind, inteligent man with a beautiful family.
    Fran Teran

  11. I purchased your book as a gift for my daughter, but of course, had to read it before wrapping it. I really enjoyed it. The stories about you and your family and of course Coach Wooden made laugh and at times brought tears to my eyes The quotes and
    bits of poetry were very enjoyable. Being a basketball coach, my daughter has a lot
    of books by other sport authorities, so I feel that your book belongs with those of the
    others. Thank you.

  12. Heard you on The Competitors. I so enjoyed your articulate and thoughtful insights on Coach. Looking forward to receiving my signed copy. Please add me to any email list and notify me if you are doing any talks in the Ventura or LA area.

  13. For sunsets, go to Marco Island on southeast Fla. coast where
    cumulus clouds rise to 60,000 ft. above the Gulf of Mexico

  14. Hi Matt,
    So sorry for the super late reply — I only now saw your nice comment about my interview on Run Live Run … I hope by now maybe you have read — and enjoyed — Wooden & Me.
    Best always,

  15. Thanks for the book. You bet I can help you with UCLA PR. My brother is a Bruin ’74 as was my father ’54 (deceased). You came across great on the radio this morning. Sincerely, Randall

  16. You piece in today’s (8-16-14) Star was so good that my husband and I kept reading it aloud to each other…but I cried at the end…lots of laughs and tears…great work.

  17. Your column in today’s paper is a remarkable response to the Star writer who blames homeless people for being miserable. It is a good day when I find someone connects me to my obligation to be a compassionate, loving human being. It is easier to turn away and not see myself in the man, woman or family living on the streets, but when I do look and talk and listen, our connection is clear.

  18. Dear Woody – Thankyou for all the authentic- beautifully written articles you have written over all these years. Every Saturday mornings I start my day by reading the life you share with those you love – with those you meet and just experiences that make us cry – laugh and just enjoy. You have an amazing flair with words which I have always admired in people. Thankyou for reminding us to appreciate the importance of everyday experiences in life. My grandson loved your book which you signed for him. In admiration- Sheila Sakamoto

  19. Woody, thank you for the nice comment last Saturday. Especially for recognizing educators, there are so many good ones! Thanks for stroking so many teachers that I admire and worked with over the years. In our society we don’t pat each other on the back enough. Good job again! God bless
    Joe Vaughan

  20. Once again…amazing Woody uses 2 words! to convey strong sentiment : DEAD, WOUNDED….powerful/subtle/true….thanks, Judee Hauer

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